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Pergolas & Gazebos

Custom Shade Structures For Outdoors

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Pergolas & Gazebos

Pergola Lowes Near Me, Baldwin Park

In addition to patio and deck areas, you can improve your property with shaded structures that bolster appearance and utility. Deck pergolas, walled gazebos, and even pavilions and free-standing awnings can enhance the aesthetic of yards and lawns, while also adding a functional shaded area for an outdoor lounge section. Pergolas with motorized canopies give you a quick and simple way to create a shaded section with the push of a button. A gazebo with nets will protect you from both harsh sunlight and mosquitos. Want to enjoy this outdoor area at night? A gazebo with lights will make your backyard. With our custom-built outdoor shade structures, your Baldwin Park property can sport an exterior hangout spot that stays useable 24/7.

Backyard Gazebos With Lights

During the day, an open 10 X 10 gazebo or even one with walls can make for a great spot to lounge in. You get shelter from the harsh sun and UV rays, but you can still enjoy the fresh outdoor air. But what about at night? The sun won’t prove an issue then, but with no exterior lighting, your gazebo will not serve you as well. A custom-built gazebo with electrical lights in different colors or single shades gives you a place to hang out regardless of the hour. Of course, lots of pests tend to come out at night. That’s where a gazebo with mosquito nets comes in handy. It’ll keep these bugs at bay, despite lights that tend to attract them. Our Baldwin Park gazebo builders can help you find more features and designs that work for this outdoor shade structure setup.

Deck Pergolas – Motorized Canopies

Sometimes the sky looks beautiful and blue, and the sun doesn’t shine down so wrathfully and you want to enjoy it. But your custom-built pergola canopy above your head keeps you from basking in the pleasant sunlight. Well, that’s what motorized pergola canopies are for. With this outdoor shade structure electric cover, you can decide when you want the roof to unfold or roll over. Pergolas with motorized canopies give you control, more precisely, remote control, over your exposure to sunlight. As shade structures go, a pergola with a motorized canopy for your Baldwin Park deck area or patio can pay back dividends very shortly.

Courtyard Pavilions, Wooden Deck Shade Structures

A roofed structure out on your deck or as part of your patio courtyard offers a nice design contribution to your Baldwin Park home. The same goes for business establishments and other commercial properties. Wooden pavilions have a very elegant look that bolsters curb appeal and landscape design for all types of lawns, backyards, and courtyards. The tiled roof or slated section made from hardwearing materials adds a classic aesthetic to the area. A deck pavilion can have ornate wooden beams and all sorts of real wood or composite deck rails attached. You can also choose motorized deck awnings to add to the pavilion’s edges. Something to roll down and add further shade from harsh sunlight coming from the sides.

Baldwin Park Shade Structure Builders

A nice setup with shades for your deck or patio can bring a lot of class and functionality to the area. You can get something simple like free-standing awnings or patio shades, or more elaborate and rigid setups. Pergolas, wooden pavilions, and various gazebo designs can all contribute. Our professional Baldwin Park deck contractors build a wide range of outdoor shade structures. From pavilions to pergolas and gazebos, turn to us for top quality at affordable prices. Start by scheduling a free consultation + estimate on outdoor shade structures for your local business or home.


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