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Fire Pits & Outdoor Heating

Custom-Designed Heating For Outdoor Lounges

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Fire Pits & Outdoor Heating

Outdoor Heating Ideas In Baldwin Park

Have you ever felt like sitting down by a crackling fire under the open sky and just enjoying the warmth of the flames? If so, good news: you’re a human! Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces speak to something all of us can appreciate. If you have the outdoor patio or deck near Baldwin Park to accommodate a fire pit or other outdoor heating fixture, you might as well make use of that. Outdoor heating isn’t just for the warm fuzzy feelings, though. Depending on what type of brick or paver fire pit/patio fireplace you choose, you get a lot of practical use out of it. Outdoor heating features can add both a decorative touch as well as a functional purpose. You have the option to enjoy chilly nights in comfort and style with paver fireplaces for patios and a custom fire pit table for decks. Or vice versa!

Cooking On an Outdoor Fire Pit

Most people are stuck using little portable barbecue grills if they want to cook outside. With a nice wood burning fire pit, you get a ready-made location and a much bigger space to cook over. Make that a fire pit table with plenty of working area, and you can eat around it too. There are plenty of options when it comes to fire pit designs for Baldwin Park backyard patios or for outdoor decks. You can choose a movable pit on legs, or build a larger one in place on the ground or deck. If you’re thinking about a proper outdoor kitchen, a fire pit table with a built-in counter can be an important part of that. Of course, just like with any outdoor heating fixture, your fire pit will make you choose between wood and propane gas for fuel.

Outdoor Fireplaces For Baldwin Park Yards And Patios

Choosing outdoor features that add aesthetic values as well as functional options improves your patio in multiple ways. A patio fireplace turns your porch into an extra living room. Along with a patio roof and maybe some shades, it can really blur the lines between indoors and outdoors. Outdoor fireplaces can stand freely, or get custom-built against a structure. If you’re having a new custom-built patio fireplace installed, you’ll also need to think about where the chimney will have to penetrate the patio roof. Outdoor fireplaces are some of the most effective devices for outdoor heating in Baldwin Park. Outdoor gas fireplaces are better able to burn even when it’s damp. Wood burners have benefits of their own, though, not the least of which is the activity they provide.

Choosing Between Wood and Propane

Wood burning fire pits, or propane fire pits? Wood is cheaper and better looking to at least most sensibilities. A wood burning fire pit is also safer, at least with regards to fuel storage and transportation. On the other hand, a propane fire pit offers more than just easier fire starting! If you aren’t keen on storing, cutting, or carrying wood around, an outdoor gas fireplace is better for you than the classic variety. Before installing a propane fire pit or other gas outdoor heating fixture though, you should remember the higher fuel costs. There’s also the fact that while a wood burning fire pit can potentially cause trouble with sparks, smoke, and cinders, gas valves and pipes have safety concerns too. Expert advice can help you make the right choice for yourself and your Baldwin Park area property.

Choosing The Best Outdoor Fire Heating Features

Go ahead and get free estimates and advice on different outdoor heating setups for a Baldwin Park area property, as well as other landscaping projects. Patio fireplaces, electric outdoor heating, and fire pits are all on the menu with us. The same goes for wood storage and propane gas infrastructure. Call us and schedule a free consultation on any outdoor remodeling project you’d like.


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